I wanted to write a list of the majority of makeup products that I want to try and need in my collection. I say majority because this page couldn’t be long enough for my entire wish list. So I decided to make a series and in each series I will feature 5 products.

Let’s begin shall we…

Grease eyeshadow palette

This is a collectors item. I do love that they incorporated a transition shade and highlight shade.

Every palette has that one shade that catches your eye in this palette it’s Electrifyin’. Which shade catch’s your eye? Do you agree with me? Are there any shades you dislike? There should have been a black shade I mean hello John Travolta rocks that all black style. And they could call “T birds”.

This is in no particular order because I plan on buying this when it releases August 14th! The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault eyeshadow collection!

As much as my little heart would love to buy the collection I’m going to save that coin and just buy the red palette.

The red palette Ring the Alarm is a 10 pan shadow collection from metallics to mattes. If you love a great warm tone, or like me, don’t have much of them in your collection then this one is for you too.

The shade that catches my eye is “Bomb Ass” rub that on my lid, sweep “Alert” in my crease then winged liner and false lashes and call it a day. People will look at you and assume you took hours in front of the mirror getting ready.

Should I continue with eyeshadows or just make this wish list completely chaotic? Chaotic! Good choice!

Fit me loose setting powder!

I keep hearing amazing reviews about this powder and my holy grail, ride or die fit me foundation I use every day! I use a lighter shade under my eyes and on my chin. I no longer add it to the middle of the forehead. Then with a skin tone powder and a large fluffy brush I set the rest of my face and neck. Lately I’ve been setting my eyebrows with pressed powder because they like to melt away in this heat. Right now I’m using the cover girl loose setting powder and it’s very brightening and very powdery. It’s impossible to use it without getting powder every where.

Another fun little item is the…

beauty blender Blotterazzi!

A beauty blender Blotterazzi is a reusable oil blotting sponge. This doesn’t have the annoying, useless corners like the traditional blotting papers. This two blotting cushions for beauty touch ups for on the go come in a chic mirrored compact. The bottom of the compact has vents built in which will help sponges dry after each use. Along with clear, hygienic separator which ensures sponge freshness.

You use this dry and to clean wash with liquid blender cleanser and dry in a well ventilated room.

It would be adorable to add to my purse essentials the mirror comes in handy. And since I get very sweaty and am very oily this will be a fun, easy, quick touch up moment anywhere I’m at.

It’s easy to use, if you’ve ever used regular blotting papers then you already know how. Use this dry, dab it down all over your sweaty spots and put it back in the case to later clean. It will save you money by not repurchasing papers, it’s safer for the earth, not tossing the papers away. It not only wipes the sweat but it helps keep your foundation looking fresh and streak free. I’ve never used it and that’s why it’s on my wish list, but it all sounds so practical and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

And last my #5 Wet n Wild mega cushion contour!

This one and done contour cushion by wet n wild! I need this now!

It looks like it would be super simple and the packaging is so cute I’m dead. You can build it up and it seems almost impossible to get harsh edges using this. Dip your beauty sponge or foun brush and bounce it in all your regular contour areas.

Conclusion….. my beautiful wicked queens.

If you made it this far you are amazing and I’d love you to ask a few questions.

1) out of the 5 items which one would you want to add to your own wish list? If you were too only choose one!

2) which item(s) have you tried? Tell me if I should remove any from my list please. Because I’m a single mom living paycheck to paycheck while trying to build a beauty blog. And you know what they say… it takes money to make money.

Beauty is within

8 thoughts on “Wish List x5

  1. I also can’t wait to get the Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette vault collection! I love the original palette and Jaclyn said on her YouTube channel that this formula is even better! Which of the four palettes would you get?!


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