My giveaway contest is finally ready for everybody to enter!

If you win this is everything you will be getting including the nails and makeup bag!

In order to enter you must head over to my instagram. If you don’t have an Instagram and still like to enter please follow me on here and comment when done 💻

💋 You have just one month to enter before I close the contest.

💋 The winner will be announced publicly on my instagram, here on my blog and on my twitter account (missnoelabeauty)

💋 Everything in the makeup bundle is 100% new and unopened.

Disclaimer: I know it’s risky adding foundation and concealer to an open giveaway because of the obvious reason we are not all the same skin tone.

The shades in the giveaway are too light for me and one of the concealers are to dark for me. If you want me to skip it and not include them at all I’ll be happy not to. If you do win and want to give them away to someone you know that does match the shades that’s also fine.

This is my first giveaway so if you have any opinions or ideas please message me (not comment)

Once you enter please note that I will be keeping this open until the end of September! As mentioned above. I will announce when I’m going to pull the drawing. It’s going to be done old fashion style. I’m going to write all of your Instagram names on a piece of paper and pick a random name in a hat. I will do it four times (my lucky number) the 4th name picked will be the winner!

🚨 After the announcement please give me up to one month to send the package. I will keep you up to date the entire time.

🚨 Please read the ingredients before using like you would any makeup product because I don’t know what you are allergic too, etc.

My next free giveaway is going to be a gift card to Ulta and an eyeshadow palette from Morphe which I will give you options to pick from. So keep following because with the Holidays right around the corner I want to have tons of free giveaways!

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