I grabbed this tag from one of our fellow wordpress bloggers emmakernstein. I still don’t know how to tag people’s pages, comment below if someone wants to teach me. Anyways let’s just jump right into the tag shall we?

1. What is the very next makeup item you’re planning on buying?

💡 Dose of Colors Friendcation

Like hello are you kidding me? This palette looks so f***ing beautiful! I don’t care for the name of the palette, then again I’m glad it’s nothing like “Wild party.” “Tasty.” “As if.” You know those names older people think are trendy but in actual reality are just annoying. I do have a confession… I’ve never touched a Dose of Colors product before 🙄😱 so I am not sure if I even like the formula. But the shades of this palette are seriously screaming my name. Let’s just pray it’s not the Jeffree Star Thirsty palette situation. I spent an arm and leg for that palette just to find out the shadows, low key, are disappointing AF. Just by looking at this palette (see pic below) I’ve already created several looks.

You can pull off a simple cute Barbie inspo look to a grungy rock n roll babe look.

What are your opinions on this palette? Comment below 👇🏼

2. If you could walk into Sephora TODAY and buy any one item (regardless of budget), what would it be?

💡 The entire Jaclyn Hill x Morphe brush set and all the bags included.

For the obvious reasoning of course! Duh. Good quality brushes with an amazing amount of my favorite type of brush… the blending brushes. I am highly disappointed with the pricing. With this set you are literally paying extra for a persons name (Jaclyn Hill). A person that said it’s not about earning money, yet agrees to up the price tremendously is not a good quality when you don’t have your own makeup company. She’s a talented makeup artist turned YouTube creator/influencer. She should want her fans to be able to enjoy her collaborations and not make them spend their rent money just so she can add an extra huge closet to her mansion. Just my opinion.

3. What is the oldest item on your Sephora Loves List?

💡 The OG porefessional face primer by Benefit

Because it really does fill in your pores (and if this product can minimize MY pores then it’s good because I have terribly large pores) it also leaves your skin blurred.

4. What is the newest item on your Drug store Loves List?

💡 Maybelline Fit me loose finishing powder in fair light

This really is the closest dupe I’ve tried for Laura Mercia. It makes my skin so airbrushed, there is zero flashback and the reason I prefer to get it in the shade Light is because I’m obsessed with the brightening affect. It’s not cakey’ either so you don’t need to over spray your setting spray at the end.

5. What Perfume is on the top of your wishlist?

💡 KKW Fragrance crystal

To be honest with you, I want to buy this because I am so completely obsessed with the crystal. It’s gorgeous!

6. What is the new release you’re looking most forward to?

💡 Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette – Precious Stones Collection in Amethyst

Although I’ve never tried Huda Beauty products I have been wanting a true purple eyeshadow palette. It will be fun to see how her eyeshadow formulas are and it’s only $27.

7. Are there any drugstore products you want but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on?

💡 Yes, my list for drug store items is much longer then my list for high end products.

The Revolution concealer, Setz on the go blotting powder, and e.l.f brush cleanser wipes.

The list continues, I need to write a blog specifically dedicated on my opinions between drug store and high end makeup. Get my research on and maybe conduct some interviews.

8. The eyeshadow palette you’re lusting over the most.

💡 It has to be Dose of Colors Friendcation (also mentioned above)

9. Product you’re waiting for your next birthday/Christmas to ask for.

💡 By far benefit brow contour pro in dark brown

10. What is the item that you’re dying to have that is not available in your country/area?

💡 bounce up pact prime

11. What is the thing that you really want but you’ll never buy because its “too expensive”?

💡 I love highlighters and bronzers. Ofra has amazing highlighters! But I would never spend $110 on this palette, because you can find just as amazing highlighters for much much cheaper. Plus I’d rather drop $110 on a basket full of makeup or clothes .

12. If there was a beauty product Genie who could grant you one wish, what would you wish for?

💡 I would wish for an unlimited budget on every beauty, hair, skin, makeup, etc. items I want.

I want to nominate everyone who read this post and to tag people you think may also enjoy this. Please be sure to tag me in your post, I can’t wait to read everyone’s answers!

Comment below if you agree with any of my answers! 👇🏼 I’d love too start communicating with other bloggers 👩🏼‍💻

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