✨ red clutch embossed with a masquerade mask. I think the bag is adorable. Especially for October. It feels nice and sturdy too. I am going to put my top x lippies in this bag.

What are you going to use this bag for?

🖤 First item…

Some blush! And I would never lie on my reviews, you will see below, but this has become my go-to blush! The color on my skin tone matches so beautifully and the texture of this formula feels softer then any powdered blush I’ve felt.

The coolest thing about any subscription plan is getting stuff you normally would never buy or being introduced to brands you never heard of. After finding Space Case (thru Ipsy) I want to explore what other stuff they might have.

Like the website says: We can’t stop touching this light-as-a-cloud blush. It feels so pillowy soft on our skin and goes on *so* smooth.

🖤 Second item… Naked Cosmetics loose pigment in Rain Forest, a gorgeous olive green eyeshadow.

Honestly it’s not the best, I was expecting something much more noticeable and out there. If you’re wearing an already dull green or black shadow then put this on top then it’s well worth it, but applying this on its own doesn’t do much, unless of course you want a very quick, simple, put it on with some lashes and go – type of look then this is perfect.

🖤 Third item… IBY highlighter in Prosecco

Another one of my fav highlighters! You will love it, if you’re obsessed with a bright beautiful glow! It’s buildable so it’s up to you if you want a subtle glow or a bright highlight.

🖤 Fourth and fifth item…


Little Lipglass in Love Child – an extremely glossy shimmery coppered plum. It’s so amazing I’m going to purchase the nude shades.


Lip Balm in Strawberry Peppermint – as you can tell this item has never been opened which means I can not review it, I may be prejudging but lip balms that are a. Tinted and b. Super thick and sticky looking is something I rather stay clear of. Especially since the reviews were all bad I am going to assume I am right about this.

Hope you enjoyed! If you received an October glam bag what items did you receive, which was your favorite and which ones did you not enjoy?

November Ipsy glam bag coming next month…. this series will cont. for as long as my subscription continues so please send suggestions to make this more exciting or informative. What do you want me to include in my November’s glam bag blog post?


  • Swatches
  • Tutorials
  • Pictorials
  • Reviews from other people

Come up with whatever and comment it below I love hearing new suggestions it keeps me motivated and inspired to do something I love so much… blog 🗳📚

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