Since this is super late and everyone, including myself, is more excited about Decembers glam bag we will get right into it.

Quick note, skip if you just want to get into the goodies: The reason I have three extra items is because Ipsy was doing an add on for $3 deal. Which they will be doing next month as well… for those three you get a list to choose from too which I chose the Pixie lip gloss, the The Balm foiled eyeshadow and the Nomad highlighter.

Okay so the goodies I got in my bag were …

IMPORTANT Side note: it did come with a smudger brush but I used it and didn’t take a pic of it to include. Honestly nothing too special.


The Do Gooder Dry Shampoo

✍🏼 I love me a good dry shampoo, especially one I can just toss in my purse next to my small round on-the-go hair brush I got from Ulta and a small size bottle of Its a 10 detangle hair spray. It sounds like a lot but the products are small and such a necessity for us long haired ladies. The smell of it is good and the spray is pretty intense so make sure to spray from an arm reach away



✍🏼 I haven’t worn it on natural nails yet, but I have painted my glue on nails and it lasted very long before chipping. The color is beautiful and can match with any outfit . The only reason I gave it 4 stars is simply because I don’t paint my nails that often. At the end of the day it’s nail polish not hard to mess up. Even the dollar store has some amazon nail polish.


✨ Pixie by Petra lipLift Max in Honey Sheen

✍🏼 LOVE IT! It’s amazing, super glossy but not sticky and there is peppermint (I believe) in it which gives my lips that tingling feeling. And the shade is beautiful for all skin tones! Of course you can apply this on its own, or you can use it as a topper, you could even line your lips with a lip liner then pop this on right in the middle to make your lips appear more plump. Remember if you want the pouty look put contour under the lip and blend seamlessly into the skin then highlight the Cupid’s bow. It hurts a lot less then lip injections and you won’t have to deal with bruising afterwards.


✨ MAC Strobe Cream

✍🏼 I have really oily skin so I stay away from products like this. And personally I feel like it’s a useless added step that just doesn’t need to be in my makeup routine. If I had dry skin I would mix this with my foundation or just massage it into my skin first before applying the foundation, but still it’s nothing other products can’t do. Simple as that! Face lotion and regular primer is already part of most makeup routines adding this is just a waste of money. I’m giving it three stars because I do like the brand.


Hello beautiful reader, do you love this product if so please comment below and share why👇🏼

✨ the Balm foil eyeshadow in Cahoots

✍🏼 I’m not a huge fan of single shadows because they get so piled up then ignored because I prefer to open one palette and see all the shades right there, with single shadows you have to create your own color theme. I really only grab a single shadow if I’m doing a two shade look. Or if I’m simply just choosing a lid shade. This shadow is beautiful and very buttery to the touch but it’s nothing special and I would not purchase it.


Hi again beautiful reader, What do you love or dislike about single eyeshadows? Comment below 👇🏼

✨ Ciate Translucent powder

✍🏼 It was fun to get, the size makes it a little frustrating though because you have to tap the powder out for quite some time for me to get my desired amount, but overall it does the job and sets my face without getting cakey. Personally I will stick to my Fit Me setting powder by Maybelline.



You can see below how fine the powder is

✨ Nomad Cosmetics Highlighter In Midnight Sun

✍🏼 Highlighters… you can never go wrong with a good highlight to top off the look. This is simply my favorite step because it means I’m done getting ready. The highlight is beautiful. The only thing I can think of that makes me really enjoy this particular highlight is that it’s so small I can add it to my on-the-go beauty bag and touch up wherever. As you can see I’ve used it a few times because the iconic N has faded.


😃 If you reached the end yay I am super happy! 😃 I truly hope you guys enjoy my ✨ What did I get… Ipsy Glam Bag series! ✨I have fun posting them and I will continue until I decide to cancel the subscription. Which I won’t be doing anytime soon because I am obsessed with getting a random cute little bag filled with goodies every month! What girl wouldn’t? Honestly, some times I think guys get jealous that we have more goodies then them.

I am already super excited to see what December’s bag holds, I think they should create bags based off of the holidays.

Fun question… What do you wish could come in your Ipsy bag if you could choose any beauty product in the world? Comment below 👇🏼

Spoiler alert…

if you don’t want to know anything about next months bag and rather be surprised when you get it in mail try to avoid scrolling down until you hit the comments.

Sneak peek! December’s bag will look like…..

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