December’s glam bag ✨

Has to be my favorite bag so far! Picture a sexy mini black dress, gold heels, some gold hoops and this glam bag in hand. There’s even room for the essentials; toss in your phone, ID, Visa card and your lipstick and you’re good to go.

Note to self: create a look book including this outfit 👍🏼

What will you put in this months bag? I love knowing what you guys do with these bags! Comment below 👇🏼

I bought 3 extra add ons, for $3 each, and I do want to note that one of those items wasn’t in my package! I went to my Ipsy app and checked ‘orders’ but it didn’t show any of the add on purchases. So I’m hoping they were sold out and that’s why the face cleansing pads weren’t included AND of course i hope they refunded me that $3. It sucks because aside from the Gimme Brow I was the most excited for the face pads. My skins been on the bad side these days and I’m trying to find new skin care products that work for me and are on-the-go type of products.

♥️ Benefit Gimme Brow

✍🏼 With every beauty guru out there praising this product as much as they do I just had to try it!

♥️ F.A.R.A.H blending brush

✍🏼 Don’t mind the brush being a little colored I used it a few times before I took the pic. I am a makeup brush hoarder, especially with my blending brushes too say the least. I love using this brush to quickly add my transition shade then I like to go in with a small more tapered brush for my crease shade. I also use this brush with no shadow on it, just a clean brush to blend out any harsh lines.

♥️ Sugar contour de force mini bronzer in 02 woody wonder

✍🏼 This was another $3 add on. This is a beautiful contour shade when used with a light hand. Unfortunately it is too orangey to use for my nose contour.

Overall good product, I love having a travel size contour now and although it does the trick I don’t think its worth purchasing it again when there’s so many cheaper options that work way better.

♥️ It superhero mascara in black

✍🏼 This surprised the hell out of me! At first I was disappointed that they added yet another mini mascara, the last one I got from Ipsy was a MAC mini mascara and it was literally the worst. And this is a quick side note, but I feel like black eyeliners and black mini mascaras are the easiest and cheapest product to add for Ipsy. But this mascara quickly became one of my top 5 favorite mascaras! If you want thick long lashes then get this simple as that. I will be buying a full size of this product for sure and I confidentially recommend it.

♥️ AM TO PM eyeliner in Mocha

✍🏼 I was surprised to find out how much I like using eyeliners that aren’t black. This beautiful dark brown shade is perfect to add to the bottom lash line then smoking it out with a smudger brush dipped in any brown eyeshadow.

I’m really excited to try out a brown Smokey eye using this mocha liner.


♥️ Grace & Stella Meet mud, your skin’s new best friend.

✍🏼 I haven’t used this yet, but I love the bottle and cap very high end quality and honestly you can’t go wrong with a mud mask.

♥️ Lip Brûlée

✍🏼 I wish I hadn’t tried this, because I don’t plan on ever wearing this, not because of the formula, the formula is really nice and thick but not bad thick, its not sticky and the pigment is def there. I won’t ever put this in my makeup room simply and unfortunately because of the shade! I look terrible in reds, pinks, and purples. If this were a nude or a brown I’d live for it.

♥️ Steve Laurent loose shadow in Rose Gold

✍🏼 I am obsessed with all things Rose Gold and using this with a wet flat brush creates such a beautiful, elegant and sexy eye look its insane. You can use this with so many different eye looks as well and with a light enough hand and the right brush you can use this as a highlighter. Love it!

The left side is used with a wet flat brush and the right side is used with a dry finger.

I hope you enjoyed! And the reason this is being posted in January is because my package didn’t get here until last week due to the fires here in CA.

What would be your dream Ipsy bag if you could choose ANY 5 items? Comment below xo

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