Holidays are over so the bag arrived on time! This months bag has me vey confused as if I even like it at all. Let’s just continue on with the goodies I received.

The bag is super cute! December’s bag I decided to put all my smaller sized face masks (considering I got two face masks from Ipsy two months in a row and 1 from boxy charm) This bag, Januarys, I’m going to put all the single eyeshadows I receive from Ipsy.

If you have any ideas as to what I can do with these bags please comment below!

GOLDFADEN MD – Skin Balancing Mask

Speaking of the face masks lets start here!

It claims to help cancel out the appearance of dark spots which I found very interesting because not most skin masks include this.

“Have dark spots? This baby will help fade them and brighten your complexion overall.” – Ipsy

It says that you may feel a slight tingle which I didn’t feel. I wanted to feel a tingle because that usually means the mask is working. After waiting 10 minutes I rinsed it off and dried my face. It left my face feeling extremely moisturized! Almost like I drenched my face in oil. Would I purchase this? No, I wouldn’t I have other face masks that I love and moisturizes I prefer to use which puts this in the back, a mask I won’t grab for when doing a face mask. I will use this until its empty because I am very curious if it will help with my dark spots. At the end of the year I want to do a re-cap on everything I received from Ipsy so I will keep you updated in that post so stay-tuned.

FLUIDE – Lip Gloss in Elsewhere
When I read the description I was so intrigued, this is suppose to make your teeth appear whiter when you apply it. That is a really cool invention… if only it worked. At first I was so caught off guard with how plain the packaging looked, but it makes sense its more about your teeth being whiter then your lips being sexy. Although this wet look is sort of cute. No glitter, no tint, no color, no plumpness just a clear gloss that surprisingly does last a long time.
Tip – Apply on-top of lip liner or lip stick.
“Fun fact: Swipe some on and say cheese—this stuff makes your smile look brighter!” – Ipsy

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Medium Sand, 

I was the most excited to get two items in this months glam bag and this being one of the two. I love Tarte products, mainly face products. I received a perfect shade match, thankfully, but I do have one issue with this foundation. After applying it with the usual primer (Dr. Brant poors no more and MAC prep and prime for moisture) it looked beautiful, completely flawless and it was Matte and not greasy which means I don’t have to cake on the powder afterwards.

I applied the cover girl concealer on top of this like I typically would and it immediately turned super patchy, super gunky, and its so hard to explain let me just insert a pic below.

Sorry that its hard to see, this was the only lighting I could use in order to capture the messed up concealer. It looked worse in person, this has never happen to me. And since I have used the concealer several times before I want to say its the foundation AND that specific concealer. I wiped it off reapplied the primer then dabbed on the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer and all was perfect. It’s not the foundation that caused the problem, it’s that concealer because all my other concealers didn’t have the same result.

Would I buy this foundation? Yes, I really love finding new foundations and I would totally buy it.


I was very disappointed with this eyeshadow, there was nothing special about it an it wasn’t as pigmented as it felt. Simple as that, just another single shadow that I don’t plan on reaching for when I have plenty of eyeshadow palettes that hold much more beautiful tones that resemble this one.

The shade – a burgundy-crimson.


This was the second product I was looking forward too and let me just say this to sum up everything… I found a new FAVORITE blush! I am obsessed with there packaging and I hope to receive more items from TheBalm.

Shade – warm peachy

Overall I rate the bag 2.5 out of 5. I love the Tarte Foundation and I love the TheBalm blush!

The worst product in the bag goes to the Ella Eden eyeshadow.

What products did you like or dislike? Were there any you wish you received in your bag but didn’t? Comment below!

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