About my new blog content

My new blog content will contain real events that happened in my life that contain adult content such as; drug abuse, violence, sexual content, self-harm, depression, etc. so please consider this a trigger warning.

I know this is complete opposite of my makeup blog, but since I had stopped buying so much makeup and started saving I stopped posting as much… like all together.. So of course it being on the back burner I decided to turn it into something that I enjoy. I’ve been wanting to share my life story for such a long time and although I do plan on doing so threw YouTube (story times) I thought I could start now and hopefully while doing so I can help somebody out there thats going threw something similar. I am 28 years old, I am a drug addict, I am a daughter, I am a mother, I am a sister, I am a wife, I am a co-worker, I am a blogger, I will soon be a student again, and along with my stories I want to include really personal recipes to further back up my story. Medical paperwork, mugshots, pictures of drug use and basically what unhealthy looks like.

If you have read this far thank you so much! And please follow for some intense content coming soon…..

January’s Ipsy Glam Bag ✨

Holidays are over so the bag arrived on time! This months bag has me vey confused as if I even like it at all. Let’s just continue on with the goodies I received.

The bag is super cute! December’s bag I decided to put all my smaller sized face masks (considering I got two face masks from Ipsy two months in a row and 1 from boxy charm) This bag, Januarys, I’m going to put all the single eyeshadows I receive from Ipsy.

If you have any ideas as to what I can do with these bags please comment below!

GOLDFADEN MD – Skin Balancing Mask

Speaking of the face masks lets start here!

It claims to help cancel out the appearance of dark spots which I found very interesting because not most skin masks include this.

“Have dark spots? This baby will help fade them and brighten your complexion overall.” – Ipsy

It says that you may feel a slight tingle which I didn’t feel. I wanted to feel a tingle because that usually means the mask is working. After waiting 10 minutes I rinsed it off and dried my face. It left my face feeling extremely moisturized! Almost like I drenched my face in oil. Would I purchase this? No, I wouldn’t I have other face masks that I love and moisturizes I prefer to use which puts this in the back, a mask I won’t grab for when doing a face mask. I will use this until its empty because I am very curious if it will help with my dark spots. At the end of the year I want to do a re-cap on everything I received from Ipsy so I will keep you updated in that post so stay-tuned.

FLUIDE – Lip Gloss in Elsewhere
When I read the description I was so intrigued, this is suppose to make your teeth appear whiter when you apply it. That is a really cool invention… if only it worked. At first I was so caught off guard with how plain the packaging looked, but it makes sense its more about your teeth being whiter then your lips being sexy. Although this wet look is sort of cute. No glitter, no tint, no color, no plumpness just a clear gloss that surprisingly does last a long time.
Tip – Apply on-top of lip liner or lip stick.
“Fun fact: Swipe some on and say cheese—this stuff makes your smile look brighter!” – Ipsy

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Medium Sand, 

I was the most excited to get two items in this months glam bag and this being one of the two. I love Tarte products, mainly face products. I received a perfect shade match, thankfully, but I do have one issue with this foundation. After applying it with the usual primer (Dr. Brant poors no more and MAC prep and prime for moisture) it looked beautiful, completely flawless and it was Matte and not greasy which means I don’t have to cake on the powder afterwards.

I applied the cover girl concealer on top of this like I typically would and it immediately turned super patchy, super gunky, and its so hard to explain let me just insert a pic below.

Sorry that its hard to see, this was the only lighting I could use in order to capture the messed up concealer. It looked worse in person, this has never happen to me. And since I have used the concealer several times before I want to say its the foundation AND that specific concealer. I wiped it off reapplied the primer then dabbed on the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer and all was perfect. It’s not the foundation that caused the problem, it’s that concealer because all my other concealers didn’t have the same result.

Would I buy this foundation? Yes, I really love finding new foundations and I would totally buy it.


I was very disappointed with this eyeshadow, there was nothing special about it an it wasn’t as pigmented as it felt. Simple as that, just another single shadow that I don’t plan on reaching for when I have plenty of eyeshadow palettes that hold much more beautiful tones that resemble this one.

The shade – a burgundy-crimson.


This was the second product I was looking forward too and let me just say this to sum up everything… I found a new FAVORITE blush! I am obsessed with there packaging and I hope to receive more items from TheBalm.

Shade – warm peachy

Overall I rate the bag 2.5 out of 5. I love the Tarte Foundation and I love the TheBalm blush!

The worst product in the bag goes to the Ella Eden eyeshadow.

What products did you like or dislike? Were there any you wish you received in your bag but didn’t? Comment below!

December’s Ipsy Glam Bag ✨

December’s glam bag ✨

Has to be my favorite bag so far! Picture a sexy mini black dress, gold heels, some gold hoops and this glam bag in hand. There’s even room for the essentials; toss in your phone, ID, Visa card and your lipstick and you’re good to go.

Note to self: create a look book including this outfit 👍🏼

What will you put in this months bag? I love knowing what you guys do with these bags! Comment below 👇🏼

I bought 3 extra add ons, for $3 each, and I do want to note that one of those items wasn’t in my package! I went to my Ipsy app and checked ‘orders’ but it didn’t show any of the add on purchases. So I’m hoping they were sold out and that’s why the face cleansing pads weren’t included AND of course i hope they refunded me that $3. It sucks because aside from the Gimme Brow I was the most excited for the face pads. My skins been on the bad side these days and I’m trying to find new skin care products that work for me and are on-the-go type of products.

♥️ Benefit Gimme Brow

✍🏼 With every beauty guru out there praising this product as much as they do I just had to try it!

♥️ F.A.R.A.H blending brush

✍🏼 Don’t mind the brush being a little colored I used it a few times before I took the pic. I am a makeup brush hoarder, especially with my blending brushes too say the least. I love using this brush to quickly add my transition shade then I like to go in with a small more tapered brush for my crease shade. I also use this brush with no shadow on it, just a clean brush to blend out any harsh lines.

♥️ Sugar contour de force mini bronzer in 02 woody wonder

✍🏼 This was another $3 add on. This is a beautiful contour shade when used with a light hand. Unfortunately it is too orangey to use for my nose contour.

Overall good product, I love having a travel size contour now and although it does the trick I don’t think its worth purchasing it again when there’s so many cheaper options that work way better.

♥️ It superhero mascara in black

✍🏼 This surprised the hell out of me! At first I was disappointed that they added yet another mini mascara, the last one I got from Ipsy was a MAC mini mascara and it was literally the worst. And this is a quick side note, but I feel like black eyeliners and black mini mascaras are the easiest and cheapest product to add for Ipsy. But this mascara quickly became one of my top 5 favorite mascaras! If you want thick long lashes then get this simple as that. I will be buying a full size of this product for sure and I confidentially recommend it.

♥️ AM TO PM eyeliner in Mocha

✍🏼 I was surprised to find out how much I like using eyeliners that aren’t black. This beautiful dark brown shade is perfect to add to the bottom lash line then smoking it out with a smudger brush dipped in any brown eyeshadow.

I’m really excited to try out a brown Smokey eye using this mocha liner.


♥️ Grace & Stella Meet mud, your skin’s new best friend.

✍🏼 I haven’t used this yet, but I love the bottle and cap very high end quality and honestly you can’t go wrong with a mud mask.

♥️ Lip Brûlée

✍🏼 I wish I hadn’t tried this, because I don’t plan on ever wearing this, not because of the formula, the formula is really nice and thick but not bad thick, its not sticky and the pigment is def there. I won’t ever put this in my makeup room simply and unfortunately because of the shade! I look terrible in reds, pinks, and purples. If this were a nude or a brown I’d live for it.

♥️ Steve Laurent loose shadow in Rose Gold

✍🏼 I am obsessed with all things Rose Gold and using this with a wet flat brush creates such a beautiful, elegant and sexy eye look its insane. You can use this with so many different eye looks as well and with a light enough hand and the right brush you can use this as a highlighter. Love it!

The left side is used with a wet flat brush and the right side is used with a dry finger.

I hope you enjoyed! And the reason this is being posted in January is because my package didn’t get here until last week due to the fires here in CA.

What would be your dream Ipsy bag if you could choose ANY 5 items? Comment below xo

December’s FREE giveaway

Thanks to Juno and Co. for having such amazing goodies I decided to grab a fun, beautiful palette from them. I have ordered several items from them and I would never giveaway away anything I wouldn’t personally use myself. You can make tons of looks from this palette. The shades that caught my eye were RSVP and Thunder Storm, I also love the fact there’s a transition shade and the perfect shade to set your eye primer. Definitely a palette you can grab and be good to go without needing to dip into another palette.

About the Supreme Seductress Eyeshadow Palette

  • Eighteen (18) shades

  • Twelve (12) Mattes

  • Five (5) shimmers

  • If you want to enter on this platform please make sure to follow me and comment below letting me know you’ve entered!

  • November’s Ipsy Glam bag

    Since this is super late and everyone, including myself, is more excited about Decembers glam bag we will get right into it.

    Quick note, skip if you just want to get into the goodies: The reason I have three extra items is because Ipsy was doing an add on for $3 deal. Which they will be doing next month as well… for those three you get a list to choose from too which I chose the Pixie lip gloss, the The Balm foiled eyeshadow and the Nomad highlighter.

    Okay so the goodies I got in my bag were …

    IMPORTANT Side note: it did come with a smudger brush but I used it and didn’t take a pic of it to include. Honestly nothing too special.


    The Do Gooder Dry Shampoo

    ✍🏼 I love me a good dry shampoo, especially one I can just toss in my purse next to my small round on-the-go hair brush I got from Ulta and a small size bottle of Its a 10 detangle hair spray. It sounds like a lot but the products are small and such a necessity for us long haired ladies. The smell of it is good and the spray is pretty intense so make sure to spray from an arm reach away



    ✍🏼 I haven’t worn it on natural nails yet, but I have painted my glue on nails and it lasted very long before chipping. The color is beautiful and can match with any outfit . The only reason I gave it 4 stars is simply because I don’t paint my nails that often. At the end of the day it’s nail polish not hard to mess up. Even the dollar store has some amazon nail polish.


    ✨ Pixie by Petra lipLift Max in Honey Sheen

    ✍🏼 LOVE IT! It’s amazing, super glossy but not sticky and there is peppermint (I believe) in it which gives my lips that tingling feeling. And the shade is beautiful for all skin tones! Of course you can apply this on its own, or you can use it as a topper, you could even line your lips with a lip liner then pop this on right in the middle to make your lips appear more plump. Remember if you want the pouty look put contour under the lip and blend seamlessly into the skin then highlight the Cupid’s bow. It hurts a lot less then lip injections and you won’t have to deal with bruising afterwards.


    ✨ MAC Strobe Cream

    ✍🏼 I have really oily skin so I stay away from products like this. And personally I feel like it’s a useless added step that just doesn’t need to be in my makeup routine. If I had dry skin I would mix this with my foundation or just massage it into my skin first before applying the foundation, but still it’s nothing other products can’t do. Simple as that! Face lotion and regular primer is already part of most makeup routines adding this is just a waste of money. I’m giving it three stars because I do like the brand.


    Hello beautiful reader, do you love this product if so please comment below and share why👇🏼

    ✨ the Balm foil eyeshadow in Cahoots

    ✍🏼 I’m not a huge fan of single shadows because they get so piled up then ignored because I prefer to open one palette and see all the shades right there, with single shadows you have to create your own color theme. I really only grab a single shadow if I’m doing a two shade look. Or if I’m simply just choosing a lid shade. This shadow is beautiful and very buttery to the touch but it’s nothing special and I would not purchase it.


    Hi again beautiful reader, What do you love or dislike about single eyeshadows? Comment below 👇🏼

    ✨ Ciate Translucent powder

    ✍🏼 It was fun to get, the size makes it a little frustrating though because you have to tap the powder out for quite some time for me to get my desired amount, but overall it does the job and sets my face without getting cakey. Personally I will stick to my Fit Me setting powder by Maybelline.



    You can see below how fine the powder is

    ✨ Nomad Cosmetics Highlighter In Midnight Sun

    ✍🏼 Highlighters… you can never go wrong with a good highlight to top off the look. This is simply my favorite step because it means I’m done getting ready. The highlight is beautiful. The only thing I can think of that makes me really enjoy this particular highlight is that it’s so small I can add it to my on-the-go beauty bag and touch up wherever. As you can see I’ve used it a few times because the iconic N has faded.


    😃 If you reached the end yay I am super happy! 😃 I truly hope you guys enjoy my ✨ What did I get… Ipsy Glam Bag series! ✨I have fun posting them and I will continue until I decide to cancel the subscription. Which I won’t be doing anytime soon because I am obsessed with getting a random cute little bag filled with goodies every month! What girl wouldn’t? Honestly, some times I think guys get jealous that we have more goodies then them.

    I am already super excited to see what December’s bag holds, I think they should create bags based off of the holidays.

    Fun question… What do you wish could come in your Ipsy bag if you could choose any beauty product in the world? Comment below 👇🏼

    Spoiler alert…

    if you don’t want to know anything about next months bag and rather be surprised when you get it in mail try to avoid scrolling down until you hit the comments.

    Sneak peek! December’s bag will look like…..

    Coming late…

    But first a sneak peak…

    The November’s Ipsy glam bag!

    There was something new they had on the app and it read add two extra goodies in your months glam bag for an extra $3! If I’m wrong about the price I’ll know for sure in December, because they will be offering the same thing. And yes of course I took advantage of it and no of course I don’t regret it because omgosh did I get some amazing amazing choices. I did pick them out myself, but I’m sure happy I did, that being said the add ons are not random surprises like the original 5 products.

    About this post…

    I’m sorry this post/series is running late… the holidays are a very busy time for me because I’m literally the ONLY ONE That cooks, puts up the decorations, buys the gifts, wraps the gifts, stuffs the stockings, checks the mail, takes out the trash, cleans the kitchen after cooking for hours and working graveyard, does everyone’s laundry, omgosh ok the list can go on. Let’s just say for my mental health I slack on a few chores in order not to go crazy. I went semi cray cray couple nights before thanksgiving but we don’t need to talk about that.

    Anyways, I will post November’s glam bag series soon. I did use the products so even though the pics won’t be as cute as a non used product the reviews will be spot on 👌🏼

    Spot on? I mean… uhhh… you get what I mean. I hope. Before I keep rambling I’ll just end it here and if anyone didn’t notice I forgot to post this well that’s perfect then lol and kinda sad. But perfect 👩🏼‍💻🙅🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ byeee.

    Lashes I’m wearing in the pic below! Use code missnoelabeauty5 to save 5% off from moonpiie cosmetics for more details check out my instagram at missnoelabeautyblogs

    October Ipsy Glam Bag

    ✨ red clutch embossed with a masquerade mask. I think the bag is adorable. Especially for October. It feels nice and sturdy too. I am going to put my top x lippies in this bag.

    What are you going to use this bag for?

    🖤 First item…

    Some blush! And I would never lie on my reviews, you will see below, but this has become my go-to blush! The color on my skin tone matches so beautifully and the texture of this formula feels softer then any powdered blush I’ve felt.

    The coolest thing about any subscription plan is getting stuff you normally would never buy or being introduced to brands you never heard of. After finding Space Case (thru Ipsy) I want to explore what other stuff they might have.

    Like the website says: We can’t stop touching this light-as-a-cloud blush. It feels so pillowy soft on our skin and goes on *so* smooth.

    🖤 Second item… Naked Cosmetics loose pigment in Rain Forest, a gorgeous olive green eyeshadow.

    Honestly it’s not the best, I was expecting something much more noticeable and out there. If you’re wearing an already dull green or black shadow then put this on top then it’s well worth it, but applying this on its own doesn’t do much, unless of course you want a very quick, simple, put it on with some lashes and go – type of look then this is perfect.

    🖤 Third item… IBY highlighter in Prosecco

    Another one of my fav highlighters! You will love it, if you’re obsessed with a bright beautiful glow! It’s buildable so it’s up to you if you want a subtle glow or a bright highlight.

    🖤 Fourth and fifth item…


    Little Lipglass in Love Child – an extremely glossy shimmery coppered plum. It’s so amazing I’m going to purchase the nude shades.


    Lip Balm in Strawberry Peppermint – as you can tell this item has never been opened which means I can not review it, I may be prejudging but lip balms that are a. Tinted and b. Super thick and sticky looking is something I rather stay clear of. Especially since the reviews were all bad I am going to assume I am right about this.

    Hope you enjoyed! If you received an October glam bag what items did you receive, which was your favorite and which ones did you not enjoy?

    November Ipsy glam bag coming next month…. this series will cont. for as long as my subscription continues so please send suggestions to make this more exciting or informative. What do you want me to include in my November’s glam bag blog post?


    • Swatches
    • Tutorials
    • Pictorials
    • Reviews from other people

    Come up with whatever and comment it below I love hearing new suggestions it keeps me motivated and inspired to do something I love so much… blog 🗳📚

    My shopmissa HAUL

    I want to do a quick pictorial haul/review on all the items purchased from Shopmissa, enjoy beautiful people!

    Side note: What the emojis mean –

    ✨ Introducing a new item

    💻 Screenshot from the actual website shopmissa.com

    🖋 My review

    It does take 30days minimum to receive in the mail. (Of course it is different for everybody, I live in CA.)

    AOA eyebrow gel


    🖋 I give this 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 a big no! After taking that photo it went straight into the bin. The picture describes it all. That is not something I would ever put on my eyebrows.

    Card holder


    🖋 I think it’s cute for being only one dollar, but it’s something that I’m probably never going to use and it will just end up in the goodwill pile very shortly.

    all the earrings! Note: I won’t be adding every screenshot from the website just because I want to keep the blog short, simple and quicker to download. Everything listed below is from https://www.shopmissa.com and it all cost $1 each

    👇🏼These pink bears are freaking adorable. They also come in dark blue, light blue and clear. Unfortunately the clear was sold out, but the pink is perfect for supporting October’s breast cancer awareness month.

    👍🏼 VERY NICE! Very comfortable, for being $1 this was a great pair to add to my ear rack on display and not in my earring drawer.

    👍🏼 VERY NICE! Beautiful colors! They are a bit heavy so if that is an issue for you I don’t recommend them, but overall this is a complete steal for the price and quality.

    👍🏼 VERY NICE! I have not worn these yet, but I don’t see any visible issues.

    👍🏼 VERY NICE! Again, I have not worn these yet, but I don’t see any visible issues.

    🖋 I give this 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 a big fat THUMBS DOWN. This is extremely uncomfortable. The cuff is very weak and hard to stretch it open wide enough to put your ear in it then it was extremely impossible to tighten back, which made it slip. I hope that makes a little bit of sense.

    👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Another big no for me. Fortunately this one preference unlike the ear cuff above that one hurt.

    I thought I was getting a simple big hoop but these aren’t big… they are MASSIVE, HUGE, HUGE hoops. These hoops are so big when they are in I feel them sitting on my shoulder. The two little studs are also extremely cheap and dull when the ring lights not shinning on them.



    🖋 I have tried several eyelashes from shopmissa.com and every time I’ve been slightly to fully disappointed. Right now I can’t review these specific lashes simply because I have yet to try them. So this will have its own separate review… maybe I can come out with an eyelash haul/review bought from different places, who would enjoy that?

    ✨ To hurry this haul up I decided to make a collage out of everything I got for October’s breast cancer awareness month!

    🖋 Everything you see here is also a dollar. I give everything except for the bracelet a big thumbs up. The bandana I have not worn yet simply because I haven’t washes it yet, so hopefully it’ll be just a regular easy to tie around my head bandana. I usually buy the red and black ones from Walmart and they’re also just one dollar so I’m hoping this won’t be any different.

    ✨ And last I wanted to show you all the eyeshadow I received, again to make this blog not so long I created a collage and added a fun swatch in there for you as well

    🖋 as you can see the swatches really aren’t half bad, but I haven’t put them to the test just yet. I did use that brown shade for my brows and that turned out fine. Let me be fully honest though, I will not purchase any of these again except for the loose powder if they come out with a shade I really desire. Because there are other options

    ✨ A coin purse and a makeup bag

    Conclusion and sneak peek into my next blog post 👇🏼

    🚨 I want to end the post by saying the day after I organized all the new goodies I got I made a pile of the stuff I didn’t ended up liking, somethings I didn’t even have to take out of the bag to know it wasn’t for me. Later that day I organized the heck out of my closet and ended up tossing three huge bag fulls of stuff I no longer wanted. I then started to research how to live more like a minimalist and that’s going to be my next post. Because let me tell you it felt SO GOOD getting rid of all that stuff. It was like I finally got rid of some emotional baggage by doing so. I made it a point not to go thru everything I put in my giveaway pile because I didn’t want to syke myself out. Once it hit the giveaway pile I knew I no longer wanted nor needed it and off it went.

    Jeffree Star is changing…

    This is going to be a short, fun, simple post. Its not to be taken serious. It’s not shade. Please enjoy….

    Jeffree Star is finally saying bye to the 90s style. I don’t know if that is going to be such a smart move for his business, because his entire esthetic is hot pink and fun girlie things like cupcakes and bright colors mixed with sharp knives and horror movies.

    Check out his regular packaging compared to his newest packaging… I don’t know about you, but that does not give me Jeffree Star vibes.

    Is this not giving you Kim K. Vibes?

    Looks like she has a massive influence on everybody.

    I understand everybody grows up, they mature and they change (appearance wise) I know I for sure have. That’s why I’m not mentioning his personal changes I’m specifically pointing out his cosmetic differences. His brand if you will. And please don’t assume this is an attack because I’d rather watch 🖥 a Jeffree Star YouTube video over Keeping up with the Kardashian’s any day. I just happened to notice a change in his packaging and personally if you have such an intensely known look as is then you shouldn’t change it up randomly by doing something that’s so opposite.

    I wonder if he’s going to continue this new look or quickly go back to hot pink and fun bright colors. 🤔

    What do you guys think of the packaging? Comment below 👇🏼