My name is Miss Noela,

I’ve attempted writing blogs several times in the past but I’ve finally decided to shop around for a cool blogging site page to share my love for makeup, journaling, notebook fun, and the study of Wicca which includes tons of amazing self help inspiration; along with other random things that inspire me.


Why I am here 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you happened to stumble upon my blog in a sea of other amazing and hopefully entertaining blogs well then Thanks for joining me! 

I decided to blog a long time ago because I enjoy sharing my interests, entertaining, reviewing, writing, taking photos, editing, the whole sha-BANG!

Since most viewers want to search a specific topic I decided on only three interests of mine to incorporate into my daily blogs. With one interest, Makeup & Beauty to be the main focus, following spiritual awareness and awakening, and the last interest I chose to add was life hacks if you will. I feel like I’ve been thru more at 27 years old then an 80 year old has been thru in their lifespan and I want to give my wisdom to young women out there that may need to hear some stories or advice or just to read a simple motivational quote.

If you’ve read this far, please leave me a comment because even though I will constantly post because this is a passion of mine, not a means of living and surviving, just knowing I have even one person dedicated in any sort of way MOTIVATES me and it is highly appreciated.

Stay beautiful, smile, and remain humble, xoxo missNoela 💋🌙❣️✨

Work hard, play harder. — My mature Aunt

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