I am back…

Sorry it has been so long! After stopping my makeup blog and decided to write out story times, but then never did because I was desperately wanted to tell my stories on YouTube so it is more personal and you could understand what I am saying more.

Then I figured I can always post my videos first then my story time blogs a day afterwards for those that prefer to read it then watch it. I will also have more fun polls and communication over here with you guys.

Any advice on starting a YouTube channel? Please feel free to fill out the survey below to help me with advice, I will highly appreciate it!

Thank you! And keep an eye out because I will be posting my new schedule up soon. Now that I have a video recorder and a proper editing tool I am officially ready to start creating YouTube videos for my channel.

What is coming soon…

If there were a website where people could post their family histories, struggles, life experiences, and fears you would find out that there would be many similar stories. You would realize that you are not alone at all. That is what I want to start doing here on this platform. To share my life including motivational tips, helpful advice, and in doing so it helps me express my self and use this as my own personal outlet.

I am constantly watching YouTube, TV, or even people – watching in my everyday life at work, the grocery store, etc. and a lot of what I see consists of these beautiful, rich, and wealthy people to some extent. Don’t get me wrong not everything I see is beautiful, but I’m talking specifically about the “I appear to have it together” type people. I will explain a scenario in my next post and what I mean exactly. But I am so exhausted watching these facades of all smiles, no tears, I have my stuff together type of people and am in constant search of finding someone I can actually relate too.

I enjoyed watching Christina Randall on YouTube for awhile because she was so raw and real with her prison stories. But unfortunately she didn’t 100% relate with me.

I truly feel like I’m one of a kind when it comes to life experiences. From abandonment, self-hurting, depression, drug addiction, co-dependency addiction, self-hate, financial struggle, abuse, toxic relationships, high school pregnancy, college drop out, dysfunctional family, boy the list really goes on. I promise this will be more of an entertaining blog then a sad to read one. I will always end my stories with tips, inspirational quotes and life lessons.

My goal is to let other people not feel alone or maybe even help you remember your life isn’t so bad after all. If you could help me and give me advice on what I should post and how I can go about it please comment below.

Thank you so much if you read this! I’m not a famous YouTuber, I’m not a best selling author, I’m just that random women you see out in the real world that you glance at and pass.

Help wanted!

Basically I want to create my own YouTube channel, the only thing that’s stopping me is the editing process. I wish I knew how to edit, how to splice my videos, how to add music, etc. etc. the unfortunate fact is I don’t and I honestly rather a professional do it anyways because let’s face it, it takes money to make money and when I finally post I want it to be the best of the best. Eventually, I will learn how to edit on my own, but right now I prefer to focus on other things and just pay somebody to edit my videos, create my trailer and overall make my YouTube channel appealing to everybody!

If you or anybody you know is interested please go to my contact me page and hit me up. We will talk, payment, documents, the whole works!

NEW Clueless eyeshadow palette

30 pan Clueless inspired eyeshadow palette!


This is 150% on my wishlist! Because like duh who didn’t enjoy the classic movie Clueless?! The palette offers several different textures and finishes, including mattes, shimmery shades and pressed glitters. It includes a big mirror inside the palette as shown in the pic above.


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  • whatever
  • Dionne
  • Total Betty
  • Tai
  • Totally
  • Amber
  • Beverly Hills
  • Virgin
  • Ridin with the homies
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  • Platforms
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Hello my beautiful wicked queens,

Whenever I finish products I like to review them, because right now I’m try to hit pan on all my older makeup purchases so eventually I can clean some stuff out and then I’m going to buy all the hottest new makeup that comes out.

What do You think about the makeup i meantioned in the picture?

Always remember something I don’t like can be something someone else truly enjoys, and Visa Versa, these are all just my personal opinions.

🥀✨🌙💋 Miss Noela